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What Are the Advantages of a Brandable and Premium Domain Name?


1. Help to Increase Traffic

People can easily remember Premium names because they feel comfortable searching exact match names in search engines for finding the targeted website.

2. Help to Increase the Ranking of Search Engine

If the domain will be the authority of your industry, it helps to gain traffic from the search engines.

3. Brand Recognition

Easy and memorable names may increase the success of your business like marketing, advertising campaigns, etc.

4. Open the Business 24 hours

As soon as you purchase your new domain name, You can start a website or landing page at any time. So start your business now!

5. Helps to Grow Higher Profits

By increasing traffic, recognizing better brands, and increasing marketing success, you're sure to gain higher profits.

6. Great Investment

A premium domain name adds a great value to your company, and that value will continue to rise as your present business grows.


Why are Premium Domain Names So Expensive?


1. Exact match domain (EMD) names have huge demand.

For example:

[] sold for 162,000 USD

[] sold for 45,000 USD

[] sold for 21,500 USD

source (namebio)

2. Exact match words that reflect a product, service, business, industry. A premium and memorable domain name reflects an instant online brand. This is how it will decrease the huge marketing cost.

3. Easy to remember (Short names and acronyms)

4. Words (premium domain name) that work as brand names.

5. Matching words or phrases are in high demand and will be sold at huge prices in the future.


Why Purchase (this Domain)?


1. Memorability and great brand recognition (running and future) from advertising, marketing, website landing page, and a good premium domain name.

2. This domain may increase and hold its value over time. Poor domain names lose the conversions of new customers (traffic) to the companies who have the brandable better domain names, Microsoft Research calls this situation "domain bias in web search." Source: (Microsoft Research)

3.“this domain ” is a category killer domain name that may be commonly used. Such a name offers your company a clear competitive advantage in the virtual world (internet).

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